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Andromeda Gold by Campfire Audio

Expanding a signature sound with dramatic flourish.
7 Balanced Armatures + Crossover-less Design
Designed and built by hand in Portland, Oregon USA.


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Andromeda Special Edition: Gold expands on the best elements of the Andromeda’s sonic signature with dramatic flourish. The bass is punchy and deep. The highs sparkle and the mids are present and unfiltered. This earphone is musical with ease all while delivering superior top-to-bottom coherence.

Expanded Peformance

Andromeda Special Edition: Gold adds 2 additional balanced armature drivers to Andromeda’s standard 5 BA design. These bass drivers provide more weight and depth to the low frequency delivery. The bass remains tight and fast as only the best balanced armature designs can deliver.
The added extension to new sonic depths shows a new perspective of Andromeda’s classic sonic signature.

Cross-Over-Less Design

The all-new cross-over-less design delivers a dynamic and unfiltered sonic presentation.

By shaping the acoustic performance of our selected drivers with our 3D printed acoustic chambers, the raw energy of musical performance is faithfully reproduced. Listening to Andromeda Special Edition: Gold taps into the intangible coiled power of excellent recordings.

Nicely Done.