Dorado by Campfire Audio

Dorado is a hybrid design;  Our 8.5mm beryllium PVD dynamic driver is paired with two balanced armatures + T.A.E.C. All captured in a unique liquid metal alloy housing.

Discount reflects PreOwned Condition.  Flaws are limited to visual defects.  The sonic qualities are uncompromised.  90-day limited warranty.

This product comes with small, medium, large foam and silicone tips, mesh bag, cleaning tool, gray canvas case, and our standard Litz cable.



Best of Both Worlds

Our custom 8.5mm Beryllium PVD digaphram transducer is paired with a dual high frequency Balanced armature transducers and coupled in our Liquid Alloy Metal enclosure.

The Dorado delivers on the promise of hybrid designs; excellent detail with a viseral punchiness to the low end.

Beryllium PVD Diaphragm

Campfire Audio is proud to be the first company to use a revolutionary breakthrough speaker technology implemented exclusively for in-ear monitors, a Beryllium PVD dynamic driver.

Our revolutionary Beryllium PVD material is fantastic in our 8.5mm driver. Due to it’s ridgid nature, it delivers clarity and dynamics with ease. In the Dorado, this driver is optimized to cross-over nicely with the dual balanced armature drivers.

Dorado by Campfire Audio
Dorado by Campfire Audio

Liquid Alloy Metal Body

Ultra high density, remarkable mechanical strength and excellent acoustic properties compelled us to utilize Liquid Alloy Metal with our updated dynamic driver line.

Soaring High with T.A.E.C.

Dual high frequency drivers discard a traditional ‘tube & damper’ tuning system for our new Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber™ (TAEC).

3-D printed chamber provides the acoustic tuning without compression. As a result, high frequencies are extended and open, providing an unmatched sonic quality unique to Campfire Audio earphones.

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