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  • Geek Out 2Pro is a high performance portable USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and pure Class A headphone amplifier that builds upon the success of the Geek Out V2+.

    Geek Out 2Pro is the master of adaptability. Leveraging its own dedicated 3200mAH Lithium-Ion battery power supply, we’ve designed it to be compatible with iOS (with Apple Camera Kit), Android Lollipop 5.0 & USB 2.0 audio class compatible devices without draining your source device’s power.

    Geek Out 2Pro has been designed with multiple selectable analog gain stages to accommodate the growing headphone collections of many audiophiles in one portable device.

    Geek Out 2Pro accepts digital audio signals through USB and outputs audio signals via 1/8”/3.5mm single-ended and balanced headphone jacks.

    When used in conjunction with the appropriate playback software, Geek Out 2Pro will decode almost any music file format and resolution available, up to and including Direct-Stream Digital (DSD).

    Versatile at its core

    GO2Pro is the most transparent DAC you can find, supporting your lowest format Mp3 to the highest PCM up to 32/384 kHz and DSD for up to 128 times the sample rate of a CD! If you have a Hi-res player on your phone, you need to have the hardware that can compliment it.

    The most powerful Amplifier

    Our GO2Pro is twenty-five times more powerful than a laptop or phone’s output jack, GO2Pro can drive any set of headphones using your Laptop or Android phone with a three step gain stage for any In-ear buds, On-ear Headphones, or those big cans you wish your cell phone could drive.

    Dual 1/8”/3.5mm analog stereo (one single-ended TRS, one balanced TRRS)
    Output Impedance
    0.47 Ohms
    Output Stage OpAmp
    Texas Instruments TPA6120A2
    Amplifier Output Bias
    Class A
    Digital-to-Analog Converter IC
    USB Controller
    XMOS XS1-SU01A-FB96
    PCM Sample Rates Supported
    44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.8 kHz, 384 kHz
    DSD Sample Rates Supported
    2.8224 MHz, 3.072 MHz, 5.6448 MHz, 6.144 MHz


    Frequency Response: 2 Hz – 55 kHz (-0.1 dB)

    Maximum Power Output: User switchable – 1000mW @ 16 Ohms, 100mW @ 16 Ohms 9 (Infinity model also has an 450mW @ 16Ohms)

    Maximum Output Voltage: 4.0 Vrms (high gain)

    Lithium-ion Battery: 3.7V 3200 Mah , max charge time between 6 to 8 hours.

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): <0.01%

    Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR): >105 dB unweighted, > 108 A-weighted

    Input: USB 2.0 (Asynchronous)

    Outputs: Dual 1/8”/3.5mm analog stereo (one single-ended TRS, one balanced TRRS)

    Output Impedance: 0.47 Ohms

    Output Stage OpAmp: Texas Instruments TPA6120A2

    Amplifier Output Bias: Class A

    Digital-to-Analog Converter IC: ESS SABRE9018AQ2M

    USB Controller: XMOS XS1-SU01A-FB96

    PCM Sample Rates Supported: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz, 352.8 kHz, 384 kHz

    DSD Sample Rates Supported: 2.8224 MHz, 3.072 MHz, 5.6448 MHz, 6.144 MHz

    Bit Depth Supported: 1-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit

    Chassis Construction: Premium T6061 Aluminum anodized Ferrari Red.

    Geek Out 2Pro Infinity:

    Maximum Power Output: Additional 450mW @ 16 Ohms output option

    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): -3dB THD+N additional performance boost

    Additional Digital Filter Mode: Geek Out 2Pro Infinity utilizes an SSM filter for streaming services such as Tidal, Pandora, and Spotify.

    Light Harmonic Audio Driver:

    *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***

    The Light Harmonic Driver 2.29 will need to be installed. Older versions of the Light Harmonic Driver will not be compatible with GO2Pro.

    Light Harmonic Driver

    Driver Setup Guide:

    Light Harmonic Setup Guide


    In order for the computer to play sound through the GO2Pro, the GO2Pro must be set as the default audio output device.


    After installing the Light Harmonic Audio Driver and Light Harmonic Control Panel, continue to follow the steps in the Light Harmonic Audio Driver Setup Guide to set the Windows Default Sound Output to the Geek Out 2Pro.


    In OS X, go to the Apple menu at the top left of the screen, and open System Preferences.

    Click on the Sound icon, and select Geek Out 2Pro as the audio output device.

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