Orion Ck by Campfire Audio


Discounted offer due to condition rating.  The sonic qualities are uncompromised. 90-day limited warranty. 

Reference sound and flat sonic delivery; Your favorite tracks as they were recorded.

– Single Full Range Balanced Armature Drivers
– Machined and anodized aluminum enclosure made in Oregon
– Premium Litz Wire cable; Silver-plated-Copper conductors
– Designed and hand built in Portland, Oregon USA.
Discounted reflects PreOwned Condition.  Flaws are limited to visual defects.  The sonic qualities are uncompromised.  90-day limited warranty.
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Intro to HiFi:  Sonic Purity

Orion’s design integrates single balanced armature drivers into a machined aluminum enclosure.

Less is more.

Orion exemplifies a ‘less is more’ philosophy of audio.  The sonic quality and range of this disarmingly simple earphone will elevate your daily listening to a new level of enjoyment.

Sounds like it should.

Reducing the elements of our earphone construction we discovered a remarkable sounding earphone.  Orion has top-to-bottom coherence reminiscent of dynamic driver.  With the detail and clarity only possible with balanced armature drivers.

Discounted offer due to aesthetic imperfections.  Flaws are limited to visual defects.  The sonic qualities are uncompromised. 90-day limited warranty. 

Includes 3 complete sets of ear tips, cable, carrying case, Campfire Audio pin, non-retail packaging and manual.