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Solaris Special Edition by Campfire Audio

Ceramic 3D printed Acoustic Chambers
Natural Abalone Inlaid Lids
Designed and built by hand in Portland, Oregon USA


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Solaris Special Edition
New 3D printed ceramic acoustic chambers and natural abalone inlaid lids highlight this limited edition release.
All new ceramic acoustic interior chambers are among the top acoustic enhancements unique to this special edition. Hand selected natural abalone inlays offer each pair a unique finish.

Sensational Ceramic: New Enhanced Acoustic Material
3D printing in new high density ceramic material has opened the door to exciting new sonic opportunities.
Revisiting the acoustic chamber design of Solaris in this new material allowed us to further refine the performance of this critically acclaimed earphone. Internal geometries have been tweaked to expand the soundstage and subtly elevate the vocal range performance.

Solaris Special Edition: A Reimagined Creation
Mixing from our palate of audio technologies, a sonic masterpiece emerged. By incorporating our many individual acoustic technologies into Solaris we were able to create an exceptional earphone.
Solaris is a hybrid design, blending the best of the balanced armature performance with the physicality of dynamic drivers.
It features 2 custom balanced armature drivers paired with our T.A.E.C for extended highs, without sibilance or fatigue.
A large single balanced armature driver provides rich delivery of mid frequencies.
A specially tuned version of our 10mm A.D.L.C. dynamic driver, optimized with our Polarity Tuned Chamber, anchors the sonic performance with deeply engaging mid-frequency tonality and visceral bass response.

Made with Pride in Portland: Crafted by hand from years of experience
Each pair of Solaris Special Edition is hand crafted in our Portland, Oregon workshop. Our team of skilled builders pour their time and attention into each earphone we produce. The attention to detail paid throughout the process ensures your Solaris Special Edition will be a world-class earphone unlike any other.

Natural Abalone Inlaid Lid
3D Printed Ceramic Acoustic Chambers
Durable PVD Finished Body
Dual Custom Balanced Armature Drivers + T.A.E.C. (High)
Single Custom Balanced Armature Driver (Mid)
Specially Tuned 10mm Dynamic Driver (Mid + Low)
Plasma enhanced Chemical Vapor Depostion (C.V.D.) Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon (A.D.L.C.) Diaphragm.
Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections
Stainless Steel Spout